(b. 1979)
I am from the South, specifically the state of Mississippi. I believe our salvation is in community and that we are all supposed to live with one another, not alone. I went to college because that is what one is supposed to do and studied Communications to be a radio DJ but learned radio is not about the music. Subsequently there was a time during which I worked at the Tax Collector’s office followed by a romanticized albeit brief career as a barber after reading Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry.

Shortly thereafter, my wife and I moved to California in order that I could pursue photography. While in California I began Strant Magazine. My pursuits have been by no means linear or all that intentional and sometimes, followed without much foresight. Cumulatively they have been understood as formative, for better or worse, mostly in retrospect.

Currently it seems the most honest pursuit is as an educator, photographer, and publisher
in Oxford, MS where I reside with my wife and daughter.

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Solo Exhibitions
If We Could Live - Ventura, CA - 2013 (w/Jesse Groves)
Are We Alive Yet - Ventura, CA - 2011

Selected Group Exhibitions
Guest-Room - Der Greif (online exhibition) - 2016
At Home - Don't Take Pictures (online exhibition) - 2015
The Blue Library - New Orleans, LA - 2014
The Dialect of Form - Ventura, CA - 2013
Sometimes We Begin from Remnants, Sometimes from Ruins - Ventura, CA - 2013
The Dialect of Form - Santa Barbara, CA - 2013
The Path - Santa Barbara, CA - 2012
On Loan - Ventura, CA - 2012
On Loan - Santa Barbara, CA - 2011
The Habit of Seeing - Ventura, CA - 2010
Expressions of Our Youth - Ventura, CA - 2010
My Time Away - Ventura, CA - 2010
How We Are - Ventura, CA - 2009

Selected Interviews
Huffington Post - Doin’ Work, Flash Interviews w/Contemporary Photographers - Dec 2016
Mull It Over - Dec 2015
Southern Glossary - March 2015

Selected Press/Publication
American Chordata, Issue Six - Winter 2018
Bedspread Zine, Issue 2 - November 2017
New Landscape Photography - April 2017
Dialogist, Vol III Issue IV - Oct 2016
"Past Color" Eyes on The South feat., Oxford American - June 2016
Southern Glossary Zine - Dec 2015
Mall Pretzel - August 2015
YourDailyPhotograph - Duncan Miller Gallery - Nov 2014
Landlocked - June 2014
South by Southeast Magazine - May/June 2014
Photographer's Forum, 33rd Annual Spring Photography Finalist - 2013
Strant Magazine feat. by Brooks Institute at SPE - 2013
PhotoLA - 2012
Art of Korea, Vol 23 Issue 11 - December 2011
Visura Magazine - December 2011

Available for exhibition, editorial, and commission projects
shaun [at] shaun h kelly photo [dot] com