Photography will never arrive.  It has no destination.  Always returning like a good farmer or good art to where it began, photography mimics grace.  This grace that photography affords any photographer who has perhaps attempted to photograph truth, is not unlike the redemption that all of us seek in life.  Knowing that like the farmer’s harvest, we can return to what it is we have planted again and again, reaping and sowing in the soil which is fertile and abundant.  Good photographs are always out there.  And they can be photographed again and again.  Not to be consumed, grace is an antithesis to consumption, but to partake in.  The world existed before our commentary upon it and it can sustain itself without.  This is perhaps in the face of a culture that sees it’s path as a linear one, that to press forward is to press forward in hope and that our redemption is elsewhere and that it is our understanding, our knowledge that will save us and our place.  But hope and redemption, like photography mimics, flows in circles.  It is not linear and therefore does not have a beginning and end.  And that without a beginning and end cannot be defined.   We can explore a place over and over always with new perspective, giving that which is familiar yet not fully explored, the opportunity not to answer questions, but to extend grace. We all deserve a second chance, the opportunity at a photograph not taken and If we choose to mindfully walk this never-to-arrive path, perhaps we will be afforded the opportunity to be redeemed.