This week I have done very little in the way of creative productivity applied to personal pursuits. Instead, my efforts have been spent on a project rearranging my department at work… the goal being aesthetic appeal with a practical arrangement of shelves, countertops, drawers and cabinets. Physical activity has suppressed mental activity. And this effort has been considered a remodel by some coworkers as opposed to rearranging… in doing so suggesting that the effort carries more weight. However the only hefted weight was that of the substantial cabinets we moved from one side of a room to another side of a room. In this effort, is to promote a more efficient use of a space, a direct correlation to the economy of time. Each task now carried out with greater accuracy and less clutter. But isn’t that an artistic pursuit? Greater accuracy. Less clutter. Creativity is an economy of time. I am sore because these fixtures carry a very real mass, very different from the accumulation of ideas or the volume of thoughts. Physical cause creates physical effect.