Practices I consider important as a photographer: fellowship, thoughtful consideration of one’s place in the canon of photography, and to go out and photograph, communing with the places where we wander about with our cameras. In doing so, if done thoughtfully, we are asked to consider not the photographs we would take but what will I contribute? In doing so we are reminded that we are a part of an ongoing conversation be it for concern of social climate, the study of color, an attempt to understand something as universal as the passing of time, or any interest or passion one might have. We are to love the medium but also to use the medium as a means of expression regarding something beyond photography itself. This dialogue of which we are a part does not demand we have a distinct voice but often we are convinced otherwise. We believe that we are all to sing solo rather than with the choir and often we find ourselves as a songbird off key. Like a warbler amongst wrens, squawking to squawk differently is all, singing to be heard rather than singing an enduring refrain: a melody of inherence as constituents of those who were thoughtful before us. Honest pursuits of photography I believe are an attempt to be a better person, one that listens to call of the songbird and responds the same. This is photography and this is being earnest, to commit to a dialogue of observation and ritual.