Not for the superlative, the first time ever that
this has happened for the overwrought mind; you
won’t believe your ears. You’ve never seen this before and
record it because dare I say, never again.
Because we have seen it all. The twerking, the blood, the gut
and the gore. The camera the hatred the backstabbing, the joking the repeat
offenders the photoshopped crowds the pull at your heartstring story of how she
can’t do. It’s just a new dance it’s a salty flank steak it’s just one more time
that you’ll never see it again. And again.
So for the normal. For the mundane. For fish in a barrel
even if they all look like that old song the one you can’t
remember the name. Not for the hunt. Not for the gain.
But to do it for the sake of sake all the same. Here’s to
photos of sunsets. And sunsets some more.