Dissenters might argue that there are too many photographers out there producing blogs, zines, magazines, self-published books, etc. On the contrary however, I believe photographers are diversifying themselves and understanding photography better by writing, editing, and publishing. This is the photographer’s initiative. The work might not be outstanding but it is that photographer at that particular time as evidenced by a body of work be it written or visual, but shared. And while it might be lacking from what one gains having worked with or within the field of publishing many years, what is valuable is the personal insight gained as the photographer understands his or her voice through means other than solely the photographic. A carpenter understands the structure of a house because he understands the sound of a nail being driven. He has known it ever since he drove his first crooked nail until now, as he drives them true. From his first bird house to his last home. And when he again hears the sound of a nail being driven he can think back to the houses he has built. He can remember the nails. The carpenter knows the constituents of a home by the sound of it being built as much as he does by the weight of a hammer. Ignore the dissenters who argue for the more homogenous photographer. Creativity is convoluted and relies on many forms of knowledge. The photographer can know the dialogue of photography by other means too.